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Thread: RIP Joseph Mascolo

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    Default RIP Joseph Mascolo

    I don't know if anybody watches Days Of Our Lives, but the guy who plays Stefano DiMera has died.

    He was one of the best villains in daytime tv. You either love him or hate him. He was 87. I didn't know he was that old. He didn't looked his age.

    RIP Joseph. I guess Stefano is truly dead now. No more coming back from the dead.

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    Default Re: RIP Joseph Mascolo

    RIP Joseph Mascolo. I watched some of "Days" growing up though I mostly was a fan of "Guiding Light", "As the World Turns", "All my Children, and still am of "The Young & the Restless", and my Mom & aunts were fans but Stefano is still one of my favorite TV villains (not just on soaps). Joseph did amazing on there and I loved his short stint on "The Bold and Beautiful" as Ridge's biological father Massimo and seeing him act opposite Susan Flannery as Stephanie (also being part Irish & Italian myself and how their teenager romance was forbidden because of that so she passed off Ridge as her husband Eric's son, then adult Ridge finding all this out). I too had no idea he was 87. It is weird too as his character on Days "died" so many times and came back to life that he is really gone now.
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    Default Re: RIP Joseph Mascolo

    The man was a great actor
    Very sad

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    Default Re: RIP Joseph Mascolo

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