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Thread: Joe Walsh/Tom Petty & the HB - Columbus, OH 6/7/2017

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    Default Joe Walsh/Tom Petty & the HB - Columbus, OH 6/7/2017

    Had a great time at Joe and Tom's show last night!!! Joe was hilarious and loved finally being able to see him. He did bring up that he used to live in Columbus for most of his childhood and even mentioned that he used to come to Ohio State University "long before most of you were born". LOL His set list matched others I had read and was so impressed by his guitar solos and the lighting the had on a few songs. I went to the concert with my whole family and my brother brought up during "Ordinary Average Guys" about how our Dad used to play this a lot when we were little and how it fit him, which I had posted about on here before. LOL I didn't know if he remembered that or not. Also cracked up when he introduced "In the City" and joked that us "young people might not know it but our parents LOVED it". LOL Loved his tribute to Glenn even though they didn't use the video or photos I saw with it before. Probably since it was an indoor arena it was a different set up from the outdoor concerts.

    Then loved seeing Tom!!! He was the main reason we all went as he has been my Dad's all-time favorite since Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers first came out. They were amazing and did so many songs!!! Even turned out he did "Walls", which I was the only one who knew it out of my family since I'm a huge Edward Burns fan and Tom wrote that song for his movie in 1996. LOL I've never seen so many people there before at the other concerts I've gone to and hearing all of us sing along especially to my favorite "Learning to Fly". It was just awesome and loved it!!!
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    Default Re: Joe Walsh/Tom Petty & the HB - Columbus, OH 6/7/2017

    Buffy - Sounds like it was an awesome show ! Wonderful that you were able to share the experience with your family. I would like to see Joe when finances permit. Just got through a wedding and college graduations for my nephews so I am broke right now.

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    Default Re: Joe Walsh/Tom Petty & the HB - Columbus, OH 6/7/2017

    Thanks for the review! I agree with you about Tom, too. He puts on a great show - we got a great deal, getting both Joe AND Tom!

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    Default Re: Joe Walsh/Tom Petty & the HB - Columbus, OH 6/7/2017

    Thanks for your review, Buffy! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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    Default Re: Joe Walsh/Tom Petty & the HB - Columbus, OH 6/7/2017

    Hey, Buffy, sounds like you and your family had a terrific time! I'm so glad you enjoyed your evening with Joe and Tom!

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