I just posted a link to this concert in a Randy Meisner thread, sorta off topic. I think it deserves a topic of it's own. Bernie Leadon and Glynn Johns helped to organise it, indeed Bernie's in the house band. I didn't realise there were actually two concerts. Randy opens both shows, Henley's last on before the, every body on stage finale.

Proceeds from the concert went to Fred Walecki and his family. Walecki, longtime proprietor of Westwood Music guitar shop, had recent surgery for throat cancer. He has two young children and had incurred many medical expenses not covered by insurance.
Along with building custom instruments for many popular artists, Walecki has been a friend of the Los Angeles musicians' community for more than 30 years. Westwood Music has been a gathering place for many musicians who have gone on to have very successful careers, including those performing at the benefit.
You can listen to and download mp3 files of both concerts at the wonderful Sugarmegs.org website. If you put Randy's name in the search box both concerts will come up in the search results.
Randy opens the concert with Take It Easy and Take It To The Limit the first night, Already Gone and Take It To The Limit the second. Henley sings The Boys Of Summer, My Thanksgiving and Desperado. The whole show is a procession of the top LA music acts of the 70s, plus Spinal Tap who feature a special guest appearance, on 4th bass, by Timothy B Schmit.

I don't think I can post a direct link to the show but the sugarmegs link is;

I don't think Bernie is playing Take It Easy guitar solo