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Thread: United We Rock tour reviews

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    Default Re: United We Rock tour reviews

    Yes, he sure did!

    Right or wrong, whatís done is done
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    Default Re: United We Rock tour reviews

    Styx does put on a good show. I like them better as a rock band than a theatrical band Dennis DeYoung wanted to be. I can't stand DeYoung, IMO rock and roll and broadway should NEVER mix and I'm not a fan of plays or theater, but still. To me Styx is Come Sail Away, Too Much Time On My Hands, Renegade, Blue Collar Man, etc. NOT Mr. Roboto, Kilroy Was Here, etc. The best thing they ever did was dump Dennis to the curb and finally rock a bit and "leave Broadway" for good.

    REO is amazing. I love Kevin's voice. He's much better than Murphy or Lutrell. I like how he adds the "in a" to the end of lines in Roll With The Changes. Nice vocal quirk. I haven't heard them live in a couple years but I think they are awesome and even when they are doing Keep On Loving You and Can't Fight This Feeling, they still rock. I liked the power ballad era where some didn't like it.

    Glad to hear Felder was in fine form.

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