Yes, home of The Big Flood last July... but our little town has bounced back nicely since then. I just signed up this week after attending The Classic East and once again being blown away by one of my all-time favorite bands. Like just about everyone of my generation, I got hooked on the Eagles in the mid-70s, and have been a big fan ever since. I remember being the first one in my crowd to get a CD player back in '84 (yeah, I was *that* cool - LOL!), and Their Greatest Hits was of course one of the first CDs I ever bought. "Building The Perfect Beast" was the first "new release" CD I purchased, shortly thereafter. The Classic was only the second time I've seen them live, though - I also caught a show on the Farewell I tour. I've seen at least three Henley solo shows between '85 and '91, too. A number of my friends went to the band's show here in Baltimore two years ago, and after being reminded by them how great the Eagles are live, I regretted not going, and swore I'd catch them next time they were in town. Of course, as experienced by so many other Eagles fans, that regret became 100 times stronger after the passing of Glenn. I was so thrilled to hear about the Classic shows, that I blew out the family vacation budget, bought four tix, drove my wife, teen son and daughter the 3.5-hours to Citi Field, and didn't regret it one bit (Fleetwood Mac is probably my second-favorite 70s band, so the decision to go was kind of a no-brainer). It was so awesome seeing my high-school-age kids enthusiastically singing along to the Eagles' classic tunes. They knew at least a couple of songs from every act (although Steely Dan left them cold, not surprisingly), and I'm proud that if nothing else I've taught them to appreciate music from all eras!

I guess Henley has always been my favorite Eagle, not only because of his amazing voice but cuz I'm a frustrated drummer. Seeing a performer who could not only play drums but also sing at the same time has always been a fascination of mine, as I can't do either very well, much less simultaneously! "Boys of Summer" is one of my top five fave songs of the 80s; on my personal list, I'd say it ranks higher all-time than any one Eagles song, even. And, yeah, Don's always had a rep as a bit of a grump, but when you're as good at your job as he is, a little conceited narcissism is practically unavoidable.

Anyway, not sure how much I'll post here, but I like what I see on the board so far. Thanks for having me!