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Thread: An Evening with the Eagles @ Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA - October 20, 2017

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    Default An Evening with the Eagles @ Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA - October 20, 2017

    American Express Card Members can buy their tickets tomorrow at 10:00. Tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday, August 19th @ 10:00am.

    Brothers for life. RIP Glenn

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    Default Atlanta on October 20 - The Tale of the Eagles Tickets

    I made the serious mistake last night in a New York minute of buying SIX tickets instead of TWO tickets for the Eagles concert in Atlanta. Immediately, I became a desperado that did not have a peaceful easy feeling seeing I had opened a hole in the world of my credit card, but at the time knowing that I canít tell you why it happened.

    I guess I was little distracted from living life in the fast lane as I purchased surprise tickets for my wife, the best of my love, who was sitting next to me at the time but unaware of what I was doing. I love to watch a woman dance when I obtain ďbucket listĒ surprises for her. With SIX total tickets in a prime location, I was thinking weíd be lined up like pretty maids all in a row for the show if I invited friends and simply gave them the tickets. No, thatís not happening, as those friends would need to fork up some money.

    Seeing the American Express purchase warning come in on my cell phone for over $3K was definitely the start of a heartache tonight. At that moment, I thought for my card it would take it to the limit one more time in terms of credit maximum, but it was American Express (perhaps donít stay home with it?). At the last resort, I immediately contacted the ticket web site via an instant chat, but the host was a witchy woman and wanted me to get over it, as purchases were ďfinalĒ saying, ďI donít want to hear anymore because you are not aloneĒ in selling tickets. It was wasted time and the money was already gone with her concluding that ďitís your world now.Ē

    I threatened to block the purchase on my American Express card, but she said that would make me like James Dean or the Doolin-Daltin gang, an outlaw man. If charged, I probably could not hide my lyin eyes in court only to be found guilty of the crime, making me a true victim of love, Thus, I laid in bed all night long thinking of my out of control stupid mistake and how I would recover.

    The current plan is that one of these nights my wife and I will take it easy and drive the seven bridges road to Atlanta for the concert in the city with our six tickets knowing that love will keep us alive, despite the significant excessive charge on our credit card. Unfortunately for me, the ticket web site was like the Hotel California in that I could checkout, but I could never leave without six expensive but excellent tickets.

    The good news is that I know things will work out in the long run, although I may no longer be able to afford those shoes I want or spend time on a beach watching the tequila sunrise as I learn to try and love again the act of shopping on the web. I just donít know how long. There may be fast company of ticket buyers at the concert, the typical scalpers wanting to buy. I can hope, but after the thrill is gone from the concert, it may be a long road out of Eden financially via the financial journey of a sorcerer like a midnight flyer through the hell of debt, but eventually there will be no more cloudy days.

    Despite not wanting to become the new kid in town reseller, I had to do something and spend a good day in hell on the very web ticket site I made my purchase in hopes of recouping my money. I may have a fail grasp on the big picture, but could not just walk away from the money I spent. Iím counting on the fact that I donít want to be begging my money to please come home for Christmas at least, else the presents will be few and the mistake will become a bitter creek in my soul.

    My belief is that since I purchased early that there are still too many hands yet to obtain tickets to the show. Iím not rich and Iím definitely not the King of Hollywood. Iím just that certain kind of fool that would pay extra on nice seats to surprise my wife. Unfortunately, Iíve since learned that they are doing two shows in Atlanta due to the high demand, so I might have to chug all night to drown my sorrows while I eat these tickets.

    Next time I make a serious purchase, it will be like no more walks in the woods of web purchases as I will learn to be still and not be so busy being fabulous. Otherwise, it will be like an internet sad cafť where I think about the girl from yesterday from the ticket web site and what do I do with my heart of charge card spending. This could leave me waiting in the weeds financially just beyond the age of olí55. Hopefully, I can avoid charging my card to being nearly on the border of bankruptcy before hell freezes over. Until then, I wish you peace!

    [NOTE: You may find a number of Eagle song titles throughout. It made for an interesting way to write the story, Eagle - style]

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    Default Re: Atlanta on October 20 - The Tale of the Eagles Tickets

    Maybe suggest what price you expect to sell the tickets for and what seats they are in the venue and you might generate some interest. Good Luck.
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    Default Re: Atlanta on October 20 - The Tale of the Eagles Tickets

    May be interested in a ticket or two if you could list details: cost, seats, etc

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