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Thread: TBS: Orleans Showroom-Las Vegas, Nov. 24, 2017

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    Default TBS: Orleans Showroom-Las Vegas, Nov. 24, 2017

    The Orleans Showroom, last "Friday Night," gave birth, not to "jazz" or another Fats Domino, as one might expect from a casino showroom so named; it gave birth instead, to a new chapter in TBS'S fifty year plus solo career. A celebratory chapter, as it were, of possibilities wrenched from uncertainties and tirelessly birthed into reality by doing one simple thing..."going one more mile" find..."a little light...around the bend!" Pack your "Parachute" TBS fans, because leg three of his LOF Tour seems destined to be the start of "something big!"

    Same players but now they got game.
    Same songs but in a different frame!

    John McFee is back and has hopefully signed on for the duration. The man has skills. I love the pedal steel guitar and electric fiddle work he lays down and his rock star guitar trade-offs with Hank Linderman just plain makes me smile.

    The Expando players were all present and accounted for providing all things necessary from harmonics to anticipatory fills. It took "White Boy" though to bring the audience to its feet due, in large part, to the fact that our bodies were still trying to metabolize all the tryptophan from all the turkey we stuffed ourselves with the day before.

    TBS appeared to be sporting a new guitar strap but I could be wrong. In any event, the most noteworthy thing that happened was the ease with which TimmieB sailed through the high notes from the songs "Compassion" and "Ella Jean." Kudos!

    In short, TBS appeared to be hale and hearty ready to rock the roll Northern California style.

    Stay Tuned!
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