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All these awards shows - rock, country, or hip-hop - basically suck. Many musicians don't give a rat's ass about these awards. And who wants to hang out in Cleveland, even if only for a couple days?

(Apologies to all the Ohioans on this board; it's just that I've been there one or two times too many.)

And then, there's this whole "brothers" thing. Mark Knopfler doesn't talk to his brother. Those two guys from Oasis don't talk to each other; neither did John and Tom Fogerty. Dave and Phil Alvin didn't talk for years. Ann and Nancy Wilson are on the outs, and Ray Davies doesn't even think he HAS a brother.

Even The Everly Brothers had a bitter parting of the ways. And the Righteous Brothers didn't even have the same last names!

OK, well, scratch the last pair.

As an only child, I find the whole concept of siblings to be extremely bizarre. But I think that, if you're gonna be in a group with a sibling, part of the management or recording contract should stipulate that you HAVE to get along with your family member for life, whether you like it or not…
Fortunately there are also adults like Ron and Russell Mael. Still spending most of their time together making music and having fun doing it.