Hi, I'm Ariadne. I'm from North Carolina and have been an Eagles fan since 1994. It's not just The Eagles themselves that I'm a fan of. I've had an interest/slight....don't really wanna call it a crush....we'll say admiring interest.....in John Corey. What can I say? He was a cutie in that back stage segment of HFO. So if anyone has any knowledge or trivia of him, I'd love to know it!

I was in high school when HFO came out, and I can thank them, Especially Don Felder, for my love of guitars...which I still suck at playing but when I took an interest in them my Grandfather gave me his 1938 Martin that he was given for his 16th birthday. Talk about a prized possession! The last thing I promised my Grandfather was that I would care for that Martin and learn to play it. Okay, it's well taken care of anyway.

So anyway, I lived and breathed anything having to do with The Eagles in my teens, and they have remained a favorite since. Wonderful music to turn up and cruise down the road with.

That's little ole me. Nice to meet everyone.