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Thread: Why Glenn Frey is my Idol

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    Default Re: Why Glenn Frey is my Idol

    Quote Originally Posted by OntheBorder74 View Post
    Oh yeah I know just sayign this in the build up to it rather than necessarily on the day as it's only loosely related to his anniversary, was really wanting share why I love Glenn so much with the community
    Thank you for sharing that, OntheBorder74. Glenn certainly made an impact on many people and his legacy continues to do so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Houston Baby View Post
    As a young 23 year old Southern girl who had heard about the infamous EAGLES' partying, I decided it best not to accept. However I did tuck a certain souvenir in my jeans pocket.

    I know 20/20 hindsight!
    Wow, HB, how cool is that? You are part of an elite group. Do you remember what hotel you were told they were at? In case itís still around...

    Take it to the limit, one more time.

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    Default Re: Why Glenn Frey is my Idol

    Quote Originally Posted by OntheBorder74 View Post
    Hi Glenn fans, Freyniacs ok those dumb names for us Frey Fans lol.

    In memory of Glenn on the second year anniversary I wanted share the core reason Glenn was so special. We all can only really choose one idol and Glenn was mine so I'm going to open up to you about why that is.

    Glenn Frey came along was an identity for I was a young confused university student who couldn't relate to clubbing lifestyle and my poor choice of degree.
    But when I got fully into the Eagles in 2012 I was 21 well I don't know how that road turned onto the road I am on.

    This will sound sad but he finally gave me a direction a goal of the personality I wanted. He had the right mix of exuberance and cynicism, macho and feminine, Rock and pop and soul, danger and easygoing, laidback and tough.
    The next year I did a charity hitchhike across Europe it was a disaster as my partner lost her wallet but when we came across a large a CD shop in Barcelona the only thing I got out of all the choice was the Glenn Frey Solo hits Universal collection.

    When I went to my one and only Eagles show in the summer of 2014 in Manchester arena I stared at Glenn in his white shirt who was so far away but so near. I now wish I shelled out more money for a seat closer instead of being almost by the roof lol. But when I heard he passed I ultimately felt grateful we had that one special evening together. Thanks OTB74
    I know I'm late but with the first week of school just passed, it's been very busy.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Why Glenn Frey is my Idol

    Yes, thanks for sharing your story - he was my idol too. Still is I guess
    'I must be leaving soon... its your world now'
    Glenn Frey 1948-2016 RIP

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