I just saw a picture of the 3.0 lineup from a recent show. OMG they are back to the dreaded funeral suits from LROOE era. Maybe it's been this way for awhile. I intentionally don't seek out 3.0 era stuff but it popped up on my social media feed. Makes me think the suits were Henley's idea vs Glenn's during LROOE. Maybe both but it seems something Don would like. I so very appreciated the casual clothing of the HOTE tour after seeing the LROOE tour. And the F1 tour that preceded the LROOE tour and all the tours before that weren't like that. If you aren't going to dress like rockstars, at least dress like average joe's in shirts and jeans! Not this all black business suit stuff. So very not rock and roll band and so very very corporate rock and stuffy and formal. Joe's suit looked so long on him and went so far down it almost looked like a magician's cape.

Something so very stuffy about suits and low stage volumes and controlling your audience's every move. Which in my mind screams Don Henley to a T. He's a brilliant lyricist and vocalist but he's so serious and so uptight and kinda sucks the fun out of it at times. This is not new news however - he's been that way for a long time, at least since his solo career. I mean starting with The End Of The Innocence album he got very serious and formal and the music from TEOTI reflected that. He worse suits and sunglasses onstage in his solo shows for years where the stage volumes were so low, his guitarist commented in an interview I read that you could hear the front row talking over them if they would have spoke. And that's fine if you like that kind of thing, but if you are used to AC/DC or The Rolling Stones or a more rock n' roll fun concert type of band, well it's a little too much for me. Yet here they are still playing those rocking' songs about Life In The Fast Lane and Those Shoes while looking like Wall Street executives or lawyers. It's kind of ironic and laughingly so. For the guy who wanted to "kill all the lawyers" (figuratively) as he passionately sang in Get Over it, Mr. Don Henley sure fits the appearance and personality of one quite well here in 2021. I just saw Glenn as more of a classic rockstar, but one that could also be comfortable in a button up and torn jeans. Very cool, very fitting but also had this quality about him that made him seem like an "Ordinary Average Guy" and relatable and blue-collar. I can't say Don has ever fit that image.

I mean at the end of the day I don't really care what they wear now as I'm not in the market for an "Eagles" show anymore, but it just doesn't sit well with me and brought up old LROOE-era hard feelings. I just thought it was an interesting observation and made me think about how funny it looks if you stop and think about it. But I'm sure Winger probably has a funny feeling about going out and singing "Seventeen" every show as if they were still very young men. So it comes with the territory to an extent.