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Thread: Sues for wrongful death

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    Default Re: Sues for wrongful death

    Quote Originally Posted by groupie2686 View Post
    There must be more to this than we know
    Yeah, that's what it all boils down to at this point. She has her reasons, is an intelligent woman, and wants things to be right.
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    Default Re: Sues for wrongful death

    I've read through this and I've seen various discussions on Facebook about it too. Firstly as an irish citizen I am NOT familiar with much of the American justice system, although I imagine it works similar to most Western Justice systems.

    I know that both the Eagles and the Frey family valued their privacy at all times, and that can be evidenced by the fact that they did not tend to expose their lives or their kids lives to the media and tried to give then as normal an upbringing as possible. Even when the Eagles were reuniting in 1994, Glenn was concerned about the effect fame would have on his young family. Again they were very quiet about Glenn 's illness and I think only went public when it became inevitable that he would not make the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. If that had not been on the cards we might never have known a thing until his death. Therefore I can understand Cindy's desire to maintain as much privacy as she can while taking this lawsuit.

    That said, if you are taking a lawsuit from which you hope to be furnished monetary compensation presumably there is a need to provide the court with at least SOME evidence of the income that has been lost in orfer to determine the value of an award - without this type of information how can a court Judge? I'm sure too that Glenn made some good and some bad investments in their lives. Thats normal!

    So is it that there is something to hide, or is it just that Cindy doesn't want private family finances made public (again possibly her motivation is to protect their children in future years too)?

    Hopefully she has a good and wise lawyer who will be able to guide her correctly in what she needs to do. I hope she does get satisfaction out of this lawsuit, whatever that means to her. She was the one closest to Glenn and most wronged by his death.
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    Default Re: Sues for wrongful death

    Yeah - This is all a bit confusing. I didn't realize that the requests to seal the documents had already been litigated. So, with that in mind, I think it has to be some kind of tactical legal maneuvering by her legal team that we are unaware of. These kind of lawsuits can get very complicated, for sure, especially when the stakes are so high. As I said earlier, it seems to all boil down to who has the most money to hire the most-skilled lawyers.

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