As you all know, there are a lot of Eagles bootlegs out there of different years. But some of them are more treasurable. Which are your favorites and why? Maybe because quality is exceptional, good setlist, band is in fine form, etc.

These are my favorites and why (by year):

1) 1973 Berkeley (amazing setlist and quality for the time)

2) 1974 Don Kirshner (good quality, good setlist and nice unique performances)

3) 1976 Nagoya (great sound, boys in fine form)

4) 1976 Seattle (boys are having lots of fun, good quality)

5) 1976 The Forum- (great setlist)

6) 1977 Gothenburg- Good quality and setlist

7) 1979 Osaka- great quality and setlist, full of hits

1979 Chicago- decent sound, great and unique setlist

9) 1980 The Forum (SB version)- amazing quality

10) 1980 Santa Monica- amazing quality, setlist

11) 1994 HFO second night- just amazing overall

12) 1994 Giants Stadium- great quality

13) 1995 Christchurch- great quality

14) 1996 Greensboro- super super rare video of them from 1996, though not the best quality