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I've wondered that as well. If we can tell they are struggling then rest assured they are even more aware. A guitarist I really respect said once that he can recall every bad note he hits a show, every one. With vocals as strong and near perfect as they've had over the years there is no doubt they know 1977 is long gone.

The recent recordings I've heard I've noticed a significant drop in the quality of Don and Tim. Haven't heard much Joe. For the first time I recall Tim sings much of ICTYW falsetto. You only do that when you can't sing it any longer. Not sure how long they'll keep that up. I would think they would never go onstage knowing that they simply can't sing any longer with any quality. And a prerecorded track? I cannot possibly see that least I sure hope not.

Getting old is a real you know what.
Yeah, it sucks!

Christine McVie turns 75 today. I saw her touring last year with Lindsey Buckingham and she was struggling. I wondered the same thing about her.

But honestly - the Eagles were always far more perfectionist than Fleetwood Mac about how they sounded live, at least in the past. Lindsey having to play elaborate solos and sing at the same time caused less than perfect vocals on a regular basis. For years Stevie has allowed backing vocalists to take over the high notes on songs like Gypsy. We expect it with the Mac. Not so with the Eagles.

I doubt they would use pre-recorded tracks either... but Don Felder does, so I guess it's possible.