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Thread: "Keep moving, folks, nothing to see here" (more late-night foolishness)

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    Cool "Keep moving, folks, nothing to see here" (more late-night foolishness)

    So you are all no doubt familiar with the song "Lyin' Eyes" (which, on the master, appeared as "Lionized," which is some kind of dry cleaning process). I probably shouldn't say this publicly, but the song was written largely about someone some of us knew quite well, in the, ah, Biblical sense, one might say.

    Marcia - AKA "The Girl Who Never Had To Shave Her Legs," was just… well, she was like an endless supply of M&Ms to a guy who'd just smoked a big, fat joint and had the Terminal Munchies: you couldn't stay away from her. Heartbreakingly beautiful, impossibly long legs, Patty Boyd to everybody's Eric Clapton.

    Of course, she, like Patti when she met Clapton, was married. But Marcia, deep in her heart, her soul, and her (wonderful) bones, was Always. Single. She hadn't a mean bone in her body; she was just very friendly to musicians and people who worked with musicians.

    It got complicated.

    I got to spend that magic New Year's Eve Eagles date at the Shrine Auditorium with Marcia (covered in great detail in "A Slightly Surreal NYE…" somewhere on this board), before she moved on to bigger and better things, but, even though I haven't seen her or talked to her in maybe 30 years, I remain hopelessly, addictively in love with her.

    So, here is my all-time favorite quote from Marcia, said by her while we were sitting on a bench in front of The Sundance Saloon in Calabasas at one in the morning, waiting for the band Crazy Horse to start their last set, and watching reruns of our own personal Nose Parade:

    "You know, I really don't think it's fair that you guys all call me 'Queen Of The Quickies.'

    "I can go slow if I want."

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    Default Re: "Keep moving, folks, nothing to see here" (more late-night foolishness)

    I thought Lyin' Eyes was written about a woman Glenn saw in Dan Tana's...he tells this story in the HOTE documentary. (As does Henry Diltz, Irving Azoff, and I think I've read where Henley told the same story).

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