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Thread: Favorite versions of On the Border songs

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    Default Favorite versions of On the Border songs

    Being the celebration of On the Border, I felt it was appropriate I made this thread!

    Anyways, what are your favorite versions of all the songs in "On the Border"? They can be any version, whether a cover, or live version, or solo performance, etc. Can't wait to see your answers! Here are mine:

    1) Already Gone- 1979 Osaka- The pitch just makes it epic, raw guitars

    2) You Never Cry Like a Lover- 1976 Sydney (Soundboard)- Just amazing overall and great quality and guitar sounds!

    3) Midnight Flyer- 1976 Sydney- Great pitch, Joe Walsh's slide. And another highlight is Randy saying "Maybe I'll go to Abilene, or Maybe Santa Fe".

    4) My Man- No other version known

    5) On the Border- No other version

    6) James Dean- 1976 Houston- Good quality, guitars sound great on this one, and Frey with shades just makes it awesome!

    7) Ol' 55- 1974 Don Kirshner's- Nice version overall, great performance on vocals

    Is It True- No other version

    9) Good Day in Hell- 1976 The Forum (Hotel California 40th Anniversary Edition)- Great quality, amazing slide by Felder, though my only gripe is that this may have been overdubbed

    10) Best of My Love- 1979 Osaka- The higher pitch just makes it more poignant for me.
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    Default Re: Favorite versions of On the Border songs

    Wow, you sure have heard a lot more versions than I have. A few of my favorites:

    Already Gone: California Jam. There is so much youthful energy in their performance here.

    Midnight Flyer: California Jam again.

    James Dean: I agree, about Houston, 1976.

    Ol' 55: As far as I know, Don Kirschner was the one of few live performances of this. There is also a good one from the Millennium concert.

    Good Day in Hell: I like the forum one too. For live performances, my favorite is Houston, 1976. They never rocked harder.

    Best of My Love: DC, 1977.

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