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Thread: Non-Studio Album Survivor to begin on June 13th

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    Default Re: Non-Studio Album Survivor to begin on June 13th

    For me, One Day At A Time and Life's Been Good are much better as Eagles songs than Joe solo songs. I'd be really unhappy for LBG to not be on here. Again, just much prefer them with the band than solo. Any time I listen to those songs nowadays, it's the Eagles versions.
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    Default Re: Non-Studio Album Survivor to begin on June 13th

    Okay – I will try to explain how we came up with what songs to include. First of all, we initially only considered audio recorded songs that were released as singles or appeared on officially an released album, excluding the 7 albums of all original songs and compilation albums – so, by this definition, Eagles Live and Hell Freezes Over are the only albums that meet this criteria. For Hell Freezes Over, we chose only the 4 original songs. Even though The Very Best of the Eagles is a compilation album, we decided to include Hole In the World since it is an original song that was not included in any other official release (it does appear as a bonus track on the Long Road Out of Eden Deluxe Edition). The same thing with One Day At a Time – we made an exception and included it because it was originally an Eagles recording and the Farewell I DVD was the only official release that it appears on. To keep the number of songs manageable, solo songs that are included on officially released DVDs were not included. I guess it could be argued that if we include Joe’s solo songs off of Eagles Live, then New York Minute should be included since it appears on the HFO album. However, we ultimately decided not to include any of Don’s or Glenn’s solo material.

    I hope that all makes sense, but, again, we want to limit the number of songs in the game. I know that this may be confusing, but, hopefully, I have explained our rationale for selecting the songs. Obviously, we could have used other criteria, but this is what well go with.

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    Default Re: Non-Studio Album Survivor to begin on June 13th


    On am on vacation in the country of Italy so I might not get to check iin.

    Best part is I am allowed to order Alcohol

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