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Thread: No Eagles at Live Aid

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    Default Re: No Eagles at Live Aid

    Quote Originally Posted by New Kid In Town View Post
    Shun, from what I have read, Glenn fired Irving right after he quit the band. I think he was smart enough to know that Don would come first with Irving. I would not be surprised if he was tired of anything connected to the group at that point in time.

    Delilah, I believe in 1982 the Eagles were offered a one time fee of 1 million dollars to re-unite and play at a festival. The following year(1983), they were offered 2 million dollars. Both times Don and Glenn refused the offer. Sorry, but I can't remember the name of the festival.
    Yeah, that was probably the US Festival, which like Farm Aid was an American-sponsored music fest held in the U.S.; it wasnít the international event that Live Aid was.

    Quote Originally Posted by groupie2686 View Post
    They had CSN&Y, though, the Eagles' predecessor in country rock...and there were plenty of acts who, at least now, have no name recognition. (Spandau Ballet anyone? Ultravox?)

    I am sure, though, that no amount of money could have convinced them to perform together in 1985. The showing of American artists was quite pathetic, imo, compared to who appeared for the London concert.
    CSN&Y had chart hits in the 80s and were still together at least up to then. Spandau Ballet definitely had name recognition at the time, Ultravox probably less so but still both were considered cool edgy and hip, like most New Wavish bands from the U.K. Also there was the power of music videos. I was in high school at the time and I remember the hype. Iím not saying in 1985 the Eagles or Glenn or Don H were not given any consideration (I wouldnít know that anyway) for Live Aid but Iím pretty sure few music fans younger than 30 were giving the Eagles a second thought by then.

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    Default Re: No Eagles at Live Aid

    I looked this up on Wikipedia and apparently several big American names weren't even interested, to my surprise. I had a misconception about this in terms of American acts, it appears. Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen turned down invitations. I guess it wasn't considered as big a deal over in the US at the time. Maybe that's why Azoff didn't put Don forward and/or neither sought invitations (if that were the case).

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