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Thread: Happy 70th birthday Glenn

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    Quote Originally Posted by takeiteasy View Post
    ... Felder (Virgo) stability
    That head scratching emoji is a good addition for that statement! LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolyn View Post
    I just want to send a little love straight from my heart to anyone who is feeling grief at this time. I won't pretend that I knew too much about Mr. Frey, or pretend to have been a huge fan of the Eagles, but I do know how a song can sneak up on you and play a big role in putting a place-holder on your heart to a special memory in your own life.

    For me, it's Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight." Oh man, that song just kills me. It was my grandparents' favorite song, and I remember how at all the special family occasions both my parents and grandparents would always hit the dance floor to dance to that song. And when my grandfather was sick in bed in his last days on this earth 5 years ago,he would call out for my grandmother to put the song on and tell her to come on over to his bedside, and he'd hold her hand, and she'd dance a little around and he'd sing the song as best as he could to her. I can still see them dancing to the song at our wedding we held in our yard about 6 years ago -- and he died about a year later -- so I know how a song can capture your heart. We've been at a few family events since my grandfather's passing, and when that song has been played, I fall even more in love with my husband, as he doesn't skip a beat of being one of the first men out of their chairs and he extends his hand out for my grandmother to dance with him
    What originally brought me to this board earlier this year was not only to learn a little about a band my husband and I were planning to see last summer, but I came across a tidbit of info that Glenn Frey & my husband not only look so much alike, but they share the same birth date; although my husband only turned 32 yesterday, and our son turned 4 two days earlier on Nov. 4. I don't know too much about astrology, so I was interested to learn info about Glenn Frey to see if they shared any common traits -- but from what I've read about Mr. Frey on this forum -- I don't think they have too much in common.
    I know I had mentioned before that my husband worked his way through college performing in a band with his brothers in clubs all around NYC -- but I don't know if I ever mentioned that Glenn Frey happened to be at a couple of their shows, and they happened to talk before or after those shows. I know one of the shows was for a fundraising benefit that Mr. Frey attended.

    But one thing it appears they both share in common is that I couldn't have asked for a better husband, who always has my back -- and he is a phenomenal father -- and it sounds like Mr. Frey was a wonderful husband and father, as well.

    But one thing Matt and I discovered early on is that we have very different interior design styles. Matt is a phenomenal architect, who took a little rundown house we bought when we first got married and designed our absolute dream home, which he also built, along with help from his brothers, my father and my grandfather. But when we went to pick out furniture -- we had complete opposite tastes. I loved light, cotton fabrics -- and he liked dark leather furniture. He allowed me to have free reign of picking out all the furniture.

    So for his birthday yesterday I surprised him with replacing one of our living room sofas with a leather sofa. Even though it definitely changes the style of our living room a lot -- just to see how happy it makes him is worth it. This is the sofa that is sitting in my living room right now and my husband and son are cuddled up it watching Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown old repeat shows On Demand:

    I know many of you are still feeling grief today -- but take-in all the love around you.
    Carolyn - Thanks for your beautiful words. Such a beautiful story. You sound like one lucky girl who has an amazing husband. Happy Birthday to your son and Matt. Hope y'all had a great time at the sox game.

    Everyone has left such beautiful memories of Glenn. Dawn - I love that picture of Glenn !

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    Default Re: Happy 70th birthday Glenn

    Hi Takeiteasy -- That's interesting about Glenn Frey also being left-handed, as my husband is, as well. We're not sure what little Matt is going to turn out to be, as he's been using both hands equally. We're being encouraged by his Pre-K teachers to push him to be right-handed, but we are going to give it a little more time and see what occurs naturally with him.

    I don't know if I'd say my husband is necessarily arrogant, as I've heard Mr. Frey has been described as being at times, I think it is moreso with Matt that he really enjoys the family we have and he can sometimes be a little over-protective about that.

    I also think I read somewhere that Glenn Frey loved meeting new people and entertaining -- and while Matt is great at being the master of the bbq and performing a little live show in our yard with his brothers -- it's always me who has to initiate throwing the parties and inviting the people -- and even then he'll ask who I'm inviting -- and there's always a few people he'll say, "Do you really need to invite them"

    Another big difference between my husband and Glenn Frey is it seems like Mr. Frey was always so serious about everything -- and while Matt is very serious about his business and important matters -- he makes me feel like I have another 4-year-old running around sometimes with the way he loves to play practical jokes -- and his jokes can be quite elaborate at times.

    For instance, at little Matt's b'day party this past weekend, we gave him a new guitar that is perfect for his size. And my husband had taught him another new "oldies" song called something like "I'm a Girl Watcher" which little Matt performed with my husband and his brothers -- and everyone politely clapped for little Matt's singing and playing guitar on.

    Then, the big practical joke began. My husband's brother was inside the house and had it hooked-up so the speaker was picking up his guitar -- while it looked like it was our little son still playing. Now, keep in mind that Mark is a phenomenal guitarist, as even when they used to play clubs in NYC, major artists would always tell him he was the best guitarist they've ever heard.

    Anyhow, they're all wearing their headsets and Mark prompts little Matt to tell the audience that he's been learning some songs over the last few months and he asks if anyone has any requests. Well, this one parent who is a firefighter in town jokingly calls out "Why don't you give us a little Hendrix." And little Matt says, "OK, I'll try."

    Mark did this great job of making it sound like he didn't know how to play for, the first few seconds, and then slowly made it sound like he was getting it -- and then he did a phenomenal version of a Hendrix song -- and little Matt did a great job of pretending to play, while my husband did a great job of singing.

    For the rest of my life, I will never forget the expression on that parent's face. He comes over to me and was almost stuttering saying, "Do you have any idea how good he is -- you've got to get him on America's Got Talent, or something."

    My husband and son had been watching these videos online of these people who surprise passersby with their talents on the piano -- so playing this joke on everyone at the party was like a dream come true for little Matt -- and he played "air guitar" very well. And now we tell little Matt how exciting it will be for him when he is legitimately playing a song and people have that reaction -- which is a good incentive to keep him practicing. Here is a link to one of the videos they watch:

    Again, I don't know much about Mr. Frey, but I haven't read anything here indicating he was into playing elaborate practical jokes. And, trust me, my husband has the absolute best smile & laugh in the world to go along with his jokes. He always throws his head back just a little and laughs so loud and then says in voice that sounds like he's a little kid, "I got him good -- I got him really good." And our son has the exact same laugh.

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    Default Re: Happy 70th birthday Glenn

    Quote Originally Posted by takeiteasy View Post
    Hi Carolyn! What a coincidence! My son turned 16 on Nov. 4. So our sons are Scorpio. They are sensitive, intuitive and charismatic.
    Some traits that my teenager shares with Glenn Frey: he's left-handed, he plays the piano and he is a bit arrogant too!

    One thing I noticed when I read about the Eagles for the first time was that half of them were Scorpio: Frey, Walsh and Schmit or signs of Water: Leadon (Cancer) and Meisner (Pisces). Emotional tension guaranteed! Well...Henley (Leo) added passion and Felder (Virgo) stability
    Hey now, lets not be poking fun at Virgos! Haha. I'm one. I actually fit the description of one too, pretty closely.
    Resident Guitar Slinger
    Fan of the Eagles 1972-2016

    RIP Glenn Lewis Frey 1948-2016
    "People don't run out of dreams, people just run out of time" - Glenn Frey

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    Default Re: Happy 70th birthday Glenn

    Hi New Kid In Town -- Thank you for the kind words. My husband, son and my Dad had an awesome time at the World Series. I (gladly) stayed warm at home with our newborn.

    I do appreciate very much how blessed I am -- but, trust me -- it comes with its share of frustrations, as well.

    Matt is firmly in the doghouse right now. For almost a year we have been planning our crazy schedules to find time to take little Matt to Disney World. It's to celebrate him being a "big boy" now and no longer wetting the bed -- that's what we told him -- but it's really also a way to make him still feel special with the arrival of our newborn. For months we discussed that it looked like Thanksgiving week would be the best time for us to take time off and go.

    A promise we have made to each other is that although we will always love and take wonderful care of our family -- we will always put each other first -- and part of that is celebrating each other's birthdays. So the other trip we were planning to take was around the last week in February to celebrate my milestone birthday when I'll turn 30. Ughhhhh -- I feel sooooo old.....

    But, thanks to Matt throwing out a suggestion a few weeks ago to my parents, grandmother, and his parents and grandparents -- without discussing this with me first -- that we all go to NYC for a few days during Thanksgiving week to see the Macy's Day Parade, and have little Matt meet Santa at Macy's and see some shows, like the Rockettes -- there goes taking little Matt to Disney that week -- and little Matt is now excited about going to meet Santa in NYC -- but he is also still asking when is he going to go to Disney. And our parents and grandparents are all super excited about the trip.

    So, I told Matt that since he created this mess -- he has to fix it -- because I can't take anymore time off than those 2 weeks, because I have a growing realty company that I already had to take too much time away from when having our newborn -- and I cannot take anymore time away from the office with too many things I need to personally be there to tend to.

    And Matt can be really stupid sometimes in making suggestions, such as we spend a few days in Disney and then fly to NYC and meet everyone there for the rest of the week -- because he knows darn well that we're all going to be exhausted after Disney -- and the last thing I want to do is trek all around NYC with an over-tired 4-year-old.

    He keeps telling me that he's going to fix everything....


    P.S. I know my posts have taken this thread off-topic, so if the moderators want to delete them -- that's fine.

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    Default Re: Happy 70th birthday Glenn

    Well I'm so sorry that I didn't get to post on Glenn's birthday, but he was certainly not forgotten. I started my day celebrating his amazing life by wearing my 'After Hours' tee shirt and ended it by going out to dinner and attending a JD Souther show in Nashville with my 'partner in crime', Sodascouts!

    I am forever grateful for Glenn and the contributions he made during his life. Although he left us far too soon, he definitely left his mark on this world. To paraphrase his lyrics, I thank goodness every day that he was 'part of something good' and left 'something good behind'. Actually, in true Glenn style, that is quite an understatement.

    "People don't run out of dreams: People just run out of time ..."
    Glenn Frey 11/06/1948 - 01/18/2016

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