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Thread: Eagles Mentions in the Press

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    Default Re: Eagles Mentions in the Press

    Well said, everybody.

    RIP Glenn Frey 1948-2016 - #NOGLENNNOEAGLES
    "People don't run out of dreams, people just run out of time..."

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    Default Re: Eagles Mentions in the Press

    If any of you have AXSTV they are having an Eagle marathon, as they call it, this weekend Saturday start out at noon with Brian Johnson Rode Trip. Joe Walsh is his guest. Then they will have the concerts, HFO and Farewell, repeated throughout the day, evening. Sunday the concerts will play over and over.
    So If you haven't seen any of the three, yeah right, it's your chance to see and record them.

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    Default Re: Eagles Mentions in the Press

    I'm STILL mad at Suddenlink Cable for dropping it!
    "Be part of something good--
    Leave something good behind."

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    Default Re: Eagles Mentions in the Press

    Well, I'm quite late with my response, but I don't have AXSTV either. Thanks for letting us know about it though, Scamp.

    "People don't run out of dreams: People just run out of time ..."
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