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I don't wish to say negative stuff in this thread too much, but there's a similar thing going on with Kiss, which, of course, is a band I love. I realize that lots of people disagree with me and this is only how I feel, but IMO both bands are going through a situation where there's been a huge change and people keep, IMHO, changing their standars. Kiss fans were with Paul and Gene when they bashed artists who lip-sync. Well, when Paul started lip-syncing, it was suddenly acceptable, because it's "about the "show". Tommy and Eric wearing Ace's and Peter's makeup became an ok thing, because suddenly it wasn't about Ace and Peter anymore. It was about the spaceman and the catman.

With the Eagles this situation was acceptable because Deacon was there. If he's not anymore, will there be a new reason that makes it ok?
I think there will be for some folks. Some folks won't care. And maybe one or two will say I'm not going/this isn't okay or feel lied to (because they were).

The only way I see the lack of Deacon affecting those who were already going to 3.0 shows and keeping them from going or buying tix is if Deacon perhaps came out publicly and claimed bad treatment from Don and shared information that puts the rest of the guys in a bad light. And I can't imagine it would be conflict with Tim or Joe or even ol' Vince. It'd probably be clashing with Don or Irving or both. Don always played second fiddle to Glenn until 2016 and while they both lead the band on paper compared to the other members, Glenn had the final word even over Don. Even Don admitted that much openly. Now he doesn't have to defer or compromise if he doesn't want to. He doesn't have to resign to accepting Deacon's final say the way he did with Glenn. But then again, maybe that wouldn't be enough. I think some went to those shows because they were more interested in Don from the start and if that's the case, having Deacon in the band may have been an excuse in their mind at the time or maybe they just didn't care.

In my mind if they were ok with it before then nothing will change. Only those who were truly Glenn fans that believed Deacon being in the band made it okay might take issue. But I think those people are as rare as unicorns.