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Thread: Happy Birthday My My!

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    Quote Originally Posted by My My View Post
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, all! I had a wonderful 60th birthday. I was in Cancun celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. There were 22 of us in all; my mom and dad, brothers, their wives and kids, Mr. My, our 3 kids and their spouses! We had a bonfire on the beach with champagne and s'mores on Tuesday, my birthday. On Wednesday, we had a big private dinner by the beach which couldn't have been more beautiful!

    Dreamer, I invited Joe, but he couldn't make it...
    Oh, goodness! That's how I want to turn Old - 10!

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    I am sorry I missed the chance to wish you a happy birthday MyMy so Happy Belated Birthday! You are such a delight to have on The Border!



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    Aww, thanks for the sweet words, Dawn! I appreciate it!

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    Happy Birthday My My! Thanks for welcoming me!

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