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Thread: President George H. W. Bush 1924 -2018

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    Default Re: President George H. W. Bush 1924 -2018

    Quote Originally Posted by CAinOH View Post
    I always crack up when George W. and Michelle Obama get together. He gave her a mint again today.
    Too funny!
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    Default Re: President George H. W. Bush 1924 -2018


    I always liked the Bush family, even as a staunch democrat and coming from a long line of Clinton (and then Obama) supporters. My folks did too. The moment where George W. Bush handed Michelle Obama a piece of candy was a very sweet moment. It shows the kind of decorum we should expect from a president, and I'll leave it at that! George H.W. Bush was before my time but everything I've heard of him sounded like a good man and president.
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    Default Re: President George H. W. Bush 1924 -2018

    It was also moving seeing him taken to be buried at my alma mater, Texas A&M, where his presidential library his housed.

    My cousins were among those who saw him in Houston one last time.

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    Default Re: President George H. W. Bush 1924 -2018

    I was 8 when George Sr. became President. I remembered when I was in middle school in 1992 when he ran against Clinton, our school did a mock election to see who we would vote for if we were old enough to vote. I voted for him.

    I always heard good things about him. It looks like Jimmy Carter is now the oldest living president now. Technically he and Bush are the same age, but Bush was just 4 months older than him.

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