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Thread: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album

    Yep. Decent winner.

    But as I said, Heartache Tonight had so much potential for improvisation and change. Imagine if they actually did....

    And I notice people talking about the extra solo. Lol they always had an extra solo ever since at least 1973! And here, they cut a quarter of it, which is massively disappointing, as that last quarter would arguably be the most frenetic part of the solo.

    The Long Run tour however I feel had the best performances of Take It Easy. With the exception of 1979 Chicago (where Jackson Browne joined in) all the others were fun and lively. Another recommendation would 1976 Seattle.

    Thanks for this Dreamer and other admins! Was pretty fun, in spite of the fact that this is one of my least favorite albums.
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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album


    Well deserved but HT and TITTL are nearly as awesome!

    Thanks for the rockin' video too, cosec!

    Thanks for playing, everyone!
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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album

    Congrats to Take It Easy!

    Thanks for running the game, Dreamer!

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album

    I can't believe after being so diligent with the other rounds that I missed the last one. The reason was that I intended listening to both songs again on the live album once more before making a final decision. Looks like either way TIE was going to win, and a totally worth winner. But HT is also an excellent song. If I love the feeling of freedom in TIE, equally I love the energy that HT generates.

    Once again, thanks to Soda and dreamer for coordinating the thread and posting the results as they were determined.
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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album

    Congratulations to Take It Easy ó this isnít my favorite version but itís still a really good one.

    And thanks from me too, Dreamer for running this Survivor.

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album

    Dreamer - A big thank you from me too. Thanks so much for all the work you do on these Song Survivor Contests.

    My all time fav version of TIE is the Capital Center Concert - I love the electric version of the song.

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album

    Awww - thank everyone. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the game. As I said before, I was surprised at some of the results this time, but as the old saying goes 'that's why they play the game'. However, in the end, I totally agree with the final result. I agree with NKIT that my favorite version of TIE is probably the Capital Center show. Nonetheless, I love this song and especially any version that has the extended guitar solos, so ...


    As I said earlier in the game, I just love listening to the Eagles Live album, overdubbing and all.

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Eagles Live Album

    Thank you Dreamer for running this game and to both you and Soda for doing another Survivor.
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