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Thread: Journey Announces Las Vegas Residency

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    Default Journey Announces Las Vegas Residency

    It's about to get crowded in Vegas!

    The legendary “Don’t Stop Believin'” rockers have announced a nine-show Las Vegas residency beginning Oct. 9 at The Colosseum theater in Caesars Palace. The dates will continue through to Oct. 26, with seats starting at $69.
    There's also a few paragraphs about Steve Perry and why he quit recording/performing.

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    Default Re: Journey Announces Las Vegas Residency

    WOW ! For $69.00 I would see Journey in Vegas. I would of course prefer Steve Perry but you can't beat the price. Not any $7,500 a ticket at least. !

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    Default Re: Journey Announces Las Vegas Residency

    Thanks for the info, CAinOH. Wow - so are we moving toward a new touring trend where if you want to see a certain act, you'll have to travel to selected cities?

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    Default Re: Journey Announces Las Vegas Residency

    I hope not, Dreamer.
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