Hi Brooke. Yes, they must have come from scalpers. I looked up the concert in the St. Louis Dispatch and the ticket prices were $7 and $8. The concert was on November 23 there and I had seen them the night before in Indy on the 22nd at Market Square Arena. The tickets were $7.50 and $8.50, a big price jump from the previous year at $5.50. Of course that one had been festival seating.

It was much easier to attend concerts living just 20 minutes away from several venues in Indy. I could take concerts much more for granted than someone who actually had to drive several hours to attend a concert.

I looked up a review for your concert and the reviewer had this to say about Raandy's performance of TITTL- "His voice soared and the background vocals helped him get there. It was really well performed and thecrowd reaction was instantaneous, long and loud--so long in fact, that he told the crowd it was embarrassing him, and he really looked as if it were."
Also this- "The group introduced 2 songs from its soon-to-be released Hotel California album, including the title track and Wasted Time. Perhaps on further listenings the songs will be impressive. But on the first time around they left something to be desired."