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    Default Hey All!

    Newbie here, just checking things out and saying hello!

    It's funny, I grew up with the Eagles and have zero recollection of ever learning the words to their hits - but dang it, I'll be damned if the words don't come right back!
    After watching the History doc, something in my brain clicked and said 'hang on a minute...we must know EVERYTHING ABOUT DON HENLEY RIGHT NOW!' and I've suddenly become obsessed, binging on anything and everything I can get my hands on and learning all the words to every other song besides their and Don Henley's solo stuff. Currently, I am fascinated with 'On the Border' and it might be my fave album by the boys. So, while certain songs bring me back to my childhood, other songs are very much my current life and I'm having a blast discovering all there is to know.

    I'm also heading to Vegas for the Friday show in September after selling my soul and a few kidneys to afford it.... Yikes!

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    Default Re: Hey All!

    Hi, BirmCori, welcome to The Border! I also rediscovered them as an adult---a lot of the lyrics were rather over the head of a junior high student! I think that you will really enjoy it here. There is a tremendous wealth of information and enjoyable conversation. Be sure to read all the links on the individual band members as well as eaglesonlinecentral to really get your fandom stoked! Looking through the topics of old posts here on the message board will fill you in on many topics!
    "Be part of something good--
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    Default Re: Hey All!

    Welcome! 😊

    It's all in your smile that brings
    All of the special things about you

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    Default Re: Hey All!

    Welcome to The Border!

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    Default Re: Hey All!

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    Default Re: Hey All!

    Welcome to the Border! Enjoy!
    "They will never forget you 'till somebody new comes along"
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