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Thread: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

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    Default Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    Time for the Hotel California Survivor, where we vote off the songs on the album until we get to the last one standing!

    If you're new, for a basic overview of the game, see this post: Survivor Overview

    I'm going to list all the songs on the album here. Vote for the song that you feel should be eliminated from the list. The song that gets the most votes will be taken off of the list (or, in the language of Survivor, "voted off of the island.") Each round, one more song will get axed, until there's only one left. Remember: you're voting for the one you think should GO, not the one you think should stay.

    Note: Do not criticize how/why other people vote. Their reasons are their own and they are free to vote however they like. Also, never attack a fellow poster. You can disagree without making it personal. Sometimes these games can get heated, but remember... it's still just a game.

    Each round will last 48 hours after posting to give people a chance to vote who don't post every day. That means that the first round will end at 8:00 Eastern time the day after tomorrow. If you miss a round, don't think you can't play. It's all good!

    Since there may be discussion posts, be sure to make it clear when you are casting your vote. Once the board clock strikes 8:00 pm Eastern on the second day, no more votes will be counted for that round - even if it's only seconds after. Your votes also cannot be changed once you have voted, even if you change your mind or make a mistake. Once it's on the record, that's it - so be careful!

    If you get confused about what round we are in, look at this post. I'll always update it to reflect the current round. Also feel free to post any questions if you don't understand what's going on.

    If there is a tiebreaker, then ALL votes from ALL previous rounds are tallied and whoever has the most prior votes is eliminated. Thatís the way itís done on the real show, thatís the way itís done here. If there is a complete tie with prior votes (Murphyís Law), then I'll have a sudden-death trivia question ready. The tie-breaker question will be asked one hour after results are in, if there is need for it. The first person who answers it correctly gets to break the tie. The odds of that happening are slim, but you never know, and it's good to be prepared. The exception is the last round. If the tiebreaker does not resolve the last round, then the tie will be allowed to stand.

    In order to avoid voter fraud and trolling, we require that you must be "a member in good standing" as defined by the Terms of Service for at least two weeks before the start of the game in order to cast a vote.


    The winner of the Hotel California Survivor is Ö

    New Kid in Town

    Songs Eliminated:
    The Last Resort 7/03
    Pretty Maids All in a Row 7/05
    Try and Love Again 7/07
    Victim of Love 7/09
    Wasted Time 7/11
    Life in the Fast Lane 7/13
    Hotel California 7/15

    Hope everyone enjoyed the game.

    Thanks for playing!

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I vote for the last resort. Pretty but quite boring to me

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    This is tough. This is the one Eagles album I listen to regularly with no skips straight through.

    I will join YEF and vote for ďThe Last ResortĒ!
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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I'll agree and go with The Last Resort

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I vote for "The Last Resort".

    SIDE NOTE : Dreamer thanks for doing this !

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    Same here -

    I cast my vote for The Last Resort.

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I was listening to this album all weekend and was thinking the whole time, what song will I want to go first because I really love every song on it! This will be a really hard game for me!

    So, I guess I'll join in with the rest and vote for The Last Resort. It's pretty, but..... something has to go!
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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    Goodness, TLR is one of my favourite all time Eagles songs, and my favourite one which features Don H on lead vocals. I couldn't POSSIBLY vote it off yet. I'm going to wait a bit and see if an alternative song is offered.
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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I know I'll get excoriated for this but I vote for "Hotel California." It is an amazing song with phenomenal guitar work, but it's never been one of my personal favorites and something has to go, so this is the one. That's why I was hoping to include "Wasted Time Reprise," to have something else to vote off first...

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I vote for "Pretty Maids All In A Row". I love the harmonies, but I've never cared for Joe's voice... sorry all!

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