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Thread: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

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    Default Re: Results for Round Four

    The next song to be eliminated in Hotel California Survivor is Victim of Love. “Victim of Love”, the tribe has spoken and we could be wrong, but we’re not. It was such an easy part and we thought you knew how to play it so well. But, now, all we see is a broken heart. This ain’t no time to be cool, so you must leave the island immediately.

    Victim of Love – 7
    Wasted Time – 4
    Hotel California – 2
    Life in the Fast Lane – 1

    Vote Breakdown
    Victim of Love – YoungEaglesFan
    Victim of Love – groupie2686
    Victim of Love – My My
    Victim of Love – Desperada
    Victim of Love – shunlvswx
    Victim of Love – New Kid In Town
    Victim of Love – thelastresort
    Wasted Time – WalshFan88
    Wasted Time – Brooke
    Wasted Time – sodascouts
    Wasted Time – Glennsallnighter
    Hotel California – scottside
    Hotel California – UndertheWire
    Life in the Fast Lane – Ive always been a dreamer

    Songs Eliminated:
    The Last Resort 7/03
    Pretty Maids All in a Row 7/05
    Try and Love Again 7/07
    Victim of Love 7/09

    Songs Remaining:
    Hotel California
    New Kid in Town
    Life in the Fast Lane
    Wasted Time

    Voting for Round 5 begins now.

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    Boo! I was hoping for all of the ballads/soft songs to go bye bye before the rockers. At least PMAIAR, TLR, and TALA went down first before VOL!

    Again, I'm voting for Wasted Time. Please join me!
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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    Hotel California

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    How could TALA go before VOL - I love TALA. I was on vacation and missed that voting.

    I vote for Life In The Fast Lane.

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I will vote off Wasted Time again as I think the other 3 somgs are simply better
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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    Hotel California

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    Hmm. I'm also of the opinion that "Hotel California" is overrated and it might be a good idea to vote it off now, but I do think it's better than "Wasted Time." I might see how the voting goes before casting mine!

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I'm voting for Wasted Time.

    Brothers for life. RIP Glenn

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    For me, hotel California is the song I knew of the Eagles before I became a band. It’s a great song but to me it doesn’t seem like “them”. It’s very different from anything else they’ve done lyrically. I have an appreciation for how good it is but it’s not a favorite of my at all

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    Default Re: Eagles Song Survivor: Hotel California

    I haven’t been playing this game b/c I couldn’t bear to vote off any of the songs. I know that sounds silly. At this point I’m still not sure what I would vote off.

    Hotel California - Pros: so iconic, a real game-changer that is famous all the world over. Incredible lyrics, amazing guitar solos. A mysterious, haunting vibe. People who aren’t familiar with the band at least know this song. Cons: overplayed and overexposed and maybe just maybe a little overrated. Predictable win and predictable is boring.

    Life in the Fast Lane - Pros: a true 70s rocker, dangerous and thrilling, doesn’t get enough love, imo. Also a great guitar song. Henley sings a range of emotions and sounds anything from excited to detached to almost desperate to resigned. I love how his in this. Cons: hmmm 🤔 trying to think of some- not enough Randy?

    New Kid in Town - Pros: wonderful vocal by Glenn, righteous harmonies and one of their best intros. A familiar but relatable story. Nice little guitar solo thrown in the middle by Felder. Stays true to their country rock roots. Cons: see LITFL.

    Wasted Time - Pros: Another killer Henley vocal. A sad break-up story with a different angle from most. Thoughtful, stirring lyrics. Cons: A wee bit tedious. The line about her being back on the streets doesn’t sit well. Why must Henley show her in a bad light?

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