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Thread: Happy Birthday, Pippinwhite!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday, Pippinwhite!

    Quote Originally Posted by CAinOH View Post
    Happy Birthday, Pippinwhite! (I know how old she is, but I won't tell. She isn't as old as me! Ha!) Hope you have a fantastic day... and best wishes that there's a wonderful year to come.

    And here's one of your favorite Glenn photos to celebrate with.


    I'm so sorry I'm late, but it's been a crazy week. I hope you had a great day and all your birthday wishes came true. And since CA posted 'Before' for you, I'll go ahead and post 'After' ... um, speaking of birthday wishes!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday, Pippinwhite!

    @Dreamer -- YES!!

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