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Thread: Eagles' Albums Survivor

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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    I vote for Hell Freezes Over too.

    I really love that it meant their resumption and I was so thrilled that it happened, but it's mostly the old stuff done over. I do love Get Over It though!
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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    I don't really feel any connection to their last 3 albums, so I guess I will vote with the majority so far. My choice is Hell Freezes Over.

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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    I vote for Eagles Live. Nothing new and I hate the idea that it was substantially "fixed" in the studio.
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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    I've never participated in these games, my favorites change with my mood at the moment. But I decided to give it a go and join the fun!
    I cast my first vote for "Hell Freezes Over". The mixture of live and studio cuts has always seemed a little jarring to me.
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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    Eagles Live gets my vote, nothing new and studio created.

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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    I vote Hell Freezes Over

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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    Eagles 'Live'.

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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    I vote off Eagles Live - rather than being a studio/themed album its just a mish mash of live songs to fulfil a contract after the band had split
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    Thumbs down Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor: Results of Round One

    The first album to be eliminated in Eagles’ Album Survivor is Hell Freezes Over. “Hell Freezes Over”, the tribe has spoken and love did not keep you alive. Now, you are the one from yesterday. No need for you to learn to be still because you must leave the island quicker than a New York minute. Get over it!

    Hell Freezes Over – 7
    Eagles Live – 5
    Eagles – 2
    Long Road Out of Eden – 2

    Vote Breakdown
    Hell Freezes Over – sodascouts
    Hell Freezes Over – scottside
    Hell Freezes Over – Ive always been a dreamer
    Hell Freezes Over – Brooke
    Hell Freezes Over – My My
    Hell Freezes Over – FreyFollower
    Hell Freezes Over – Desperada
    Eagles Live – groupie2686
    Eagles Live – UndertheWire
    Eagles Live – LovinGlennGirl
    Eagles Live – thelastresort
    Eagles Live – Glennsallnighter
    Long Road Out of Eden – WalshFan88
    Long Road Out of Eden – KingWalsh
    Eagles – shunlvswx
    Eagles – New Kid In Town

    Albums Eliminated:
    Hell Freezes Over 11/21

    Albums Remaining:
    On the Border
    One of These Night
    Hotel California
    The Long Run
    Eagles Live
    Long Road Out of Eden

    Voting for Round Two begins now.

    "People don't run out of dreams: People just run out of time ..."
    Glenn Frey 11/06/1948 - 01/18/2016

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    Default Re: Eagles' Albums Survivor

    I have to save Eagles Live!!! It's one of my favorite live albums ever.

    There has been talk about overdubbing on this album lately, but I'm pretty convinced that was just on SBR. The rest of the songs sound 100 percent live and not edited or added to.

    Again, I must vote for Long Road Out Of Eden
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