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Thread: 40th Anniversary of Tragic Who concert

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    Default 40th Anniversary of Tragic Who concert

    40 years ago tonight, 11 people were trampled to death at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati before a concert for the Who. The concert went on... the band didn't even know what had happened. I very nearly went to this concert. The local Dayton station gave away tickets and had a bus down there. I think 2 of the people on that bus didn't come home last night. I remember listening to the station when they were waiting.

    WCPO Channel 9 (Cincinnati) has been reflecting on the concert.

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    Default Re: 40th Anniversary of Tragic Who concert

    So sad. Thank you CAinOH.

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    Default Re: 40th Anniversary of Tragic Who concert

    Thanks for the reminder, CA. That was such a tragic event. I still remember when it happened.

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