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Thread: Eagles 2020 tour

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    Ya the pic of Glenn and Deacon is so sweet. Not that I have been to many concerts, but I never seen anything like it as far as security goes. I have some more pics i will post have to transfer from phone and weed out the so-so ones. I forgot to mention at the end when they say their goodbyes and wave to audience, as Joe came to our side to exit the stage, I was jumping up and down yelling "JOE" and he began to jump up and down too while waving with both hands. I would like to think it was just for me 😉 but probably wishful thinking! Ha! Ha! I tried taking a shot while it was happening but it was a blur because my husband nudged me saying come on lets go😑 I couldn't believe it!! (Jealous) ha ha. That moment is burned in my memory. Wish I was going tonight. Have fun TopKat!

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    KW, so happy for you and so excited for your first Eagles concert! Thanks for sharing your experience and your photos! 👍 LOVE seeing the guys doing what they love and getting all the love in return! 💖

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