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Thread: Eagles - 2/8/20 State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA

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    Default Eagles - 2/8/20 State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA

    Just thought I would give a quick review from their second concert on the 2020 HC Tour.

    As expected, it was three hours of great Eagles Music. Their first set was, of course, the nine songs in order from the Hotel California album. Before the curtains rose, it was dark and had eerie music playing with the sounds of thunder. A man dressed like "the night-man," I would guess, strolled slowly across the stage holding the album, takes it out of the jacket, blows off the dust and places it on a turntable sitting at stage left. The scratchy sound of the start of the record is heard and then the curtains rise as the music begins to play.

    They had the Atlanta Orchestra and a local choir positioned behind the band where their part of the stage was elevated to reveal them at certain key times. They were a great enhancement to the music and a key part of Wasted Time, Wasted Time (Reprise) and The Last Resort.

    They had a "No photo/no video" policy which was displayed and announced before the show began. The ushers were telling people it was okay to take photos with no flash but no video. Our usher said that on the first night they were more strict but it was more of a disruption having to constantly tell people to put their phones down.

    The second set consisted of twenty three additional songs, including Boys of Summer, the only non-Eagles song besides the ever present Joe solo pieces.

    Some other differences from previous shows I attended was that there was only one encore. (RMW, Desperado, TLR and a revisit of the second half of Hotel California to end the night. There were also no introductions of the rest of the supporting band (besides Vince, Deacon & Steuart). Joe's audience participation in LBG this time was to have everyone shout "Baloney!" mid- song. Also, "they write me emails, tell me Deacon's great."

    As in previous "post Glenn" concerts they mentioned him and had his image up on the main screen after Deacon performed PEF.

    We were in the 15th row on the floor in front of Joe. We did look over and see Charles Barkley sitting in the lower section to our right. Joe gave him a shout out later in the show.

    As always, the vocals, harmonies, and music was perfect or close to perfection.
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    Default Re: Eagles - 2/8/20 State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA

    Thank you so much for the review, LTE. Sounds like it was an enjoyable show. I was wondering how they were handling the orchestra and choir - they’ll be using local musicians I suppose.

    The pics are nice. It looks like Deacon is sporting a pretty thick mustache these days.

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    Default Re: Eagles - 2/8/20 State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA

    Thanks so much for the pics! Although I have a good idea of how things will be I skipped over your review cuz I want to be surprised when I go this Sat to MSG!!!... So excited beyond belief! Finally! I did see that you were 15th row floor in front of Joe!! So jealous!! Ha ha ! Fingers crossed i will have good view of the king from my seat! Will post as well!🌟🎸🎶

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    Default Re: Eagles - 2/8/20 State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA

    Awww! 👍 So happy you had a great concert experience!! Yay!

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    Default Re: Eagles - 2/8/20 State Farm Arena, Atlanta, GA

    Thanks for the review, ltef! This concert sounds great. I wish they had scheduled a midwest date. I'm glad they relaxed the no pictures rules and you were able to snap a few.

    KingWalsh, shun, and the rest who are lucky enough to be going to upcoming shows, enjoy!!!

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