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Thread: Happy Birthday Glennsallnighter!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Glennsallnighter!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Glennsallnighter!

    Happy Belated Birthday from me also!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Glennsallnighter!

    Quote Originally Posted by Glennsallnighter View Post
    Thank you all for all the lovely wishes and also the beautiful eye candy. I had a lovely day with cake and flowers with my colleagues and later a lovely dinner out with my family. Its a bit different without my parents but I had an interesting and comforting experience. I was tidying off my dressing table in our bedroom and I opened a drawer to stow away some stuff. I came upon a birthday card from both my parents from a few years back. Now that was a coincidence! So I feel that somehow they guided it to me and made sure they were part of my day in some way too.
    Love that, Ga!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Glennsallnighter!

    Thanks Soda! I was saving this and thought to call it 'GlennAHSmile' only to see that you called it 'GFreyAHSmile'!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
    What a sweet story! Here's one more belated birthday pic for you:

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