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MarthaJo56, that sounds like it was a scary situation! I'm glad everything turned out ok. The side effects are the main concern I have about the vaccine, other than the gauge of the needle.

Here in Utah, Gov. Cox said on the news that he has ordered a gigantic order of the Pfizer vaccine and plans to have every resident of Utah vaccinated by next year. I hope so, I mean I know this isn't a wonder cure. However, with the whole state vaccinated, that will slow the spread. Amazon is intensely watching its employees and there is a mask mandate inside, and a temperature/health check point at the main entrance and a covid test area almost right next to that. I am apart of the janitorial/housekeeping staff and its my job to sanitize a small break room and the two adjacent restrooms. And I am a germaphobe with OCD, so I'm pretty sure my area is the cleanest spot in the entire building.
Don't worry, Elle. The needle is tiny , so you will barely feel it.