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Thread: Corona Virus

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    Soda - I am relieved to hear your lungs are clear. However, I hope they can get to the bottom of your problems soon. Feel better, my friend.

    And shun - Unfortunately, there are some people that are defiant just because. They either don't care or don't realize that are making the problem worse. IMO, the way the numbers are spiking in MS, your governor should have already shut the state back down and/or issued a stay-at-home order. The ease that this virus can spread affects our entire country, not just a locality, state, or even region. This is why we need a strong organized national response rather than leaving this up to governors and mayors to manage. That is how other countries successfully got this under control. We, here in the U.S. just continue to spin our wheels and are getting ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole. RANT OVER for now!

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    Soda, I hope the muscle-relaxants work. At least you know your lungs look ok.

    Shun, good luck with the new job and hopefully your new colleagues will be more careful.

    Here in the UK, we've now started on the face-covering debate. You may find this surprising so late. For months we were told there was no strong evidence to support wearing of face-masks and this makes it harder to accept the necessity of wearing one now when the infection rate is so much lower. The main message is still social-distancing. Masks are recommended for when you are unable to social-distance. When I walked through town last week, most people were not wearing masks but there was a lot of space. Despite news reports of crowded bars and streets, a recent survey suggested that only 20% of the population felt comfortable about eating indoors at a restaurant. I suspect that the majority of the population is still very cautious.

    The numbers of cases and deaths still seem to be falling although there are outbreaks. The city of Leicester is still under lockdown but it looks like the outbreak in Merthyr Tydfil has been handled successfully (down from 170 to 3 new cases per 100,000). There's also a farm that is under lockdown after 73 migrant workers tested positive. No doubt, this is all intended to reassure us that outbreaks will be quickly identified and dealt with.

    When I look at the US news, I feel quite scared but then I see how the same news sites give a misleading picture of what is happening in the UK. It's more newsworthy to report the failings that the successes. I don't mean that we should accept the glib reassurances of governments but we should ignore the headlines and they often don't reflect the tone of the underlying news article.
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    Soda - I am glad to hear your lungs are ok. Having suffered many a pulled muscle myself, I can say they can take a long time to heal. And, half the time you do not even know what you did to suffer the pulled muscle. Keep taking the muscle relaxants and if you don't fell better soon go back. Hoping they work and you start feeling better.

    Well, i just heard that someone at the WH leaked that the President wants to discredit Dr. Fauci because he will not go along with his thinking. Dreamer, I agree that we are seriously lacking leadership in confronting this virus. Thank God my Governor has been doing a wonderful job. Sounds like your Va. Governor has been right on top of things too. Everyone please stay safe and wear a mask.

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