Interesting. Shoot, I've been in many doctors offices and hospitals and I have never caught it. I know my entire close family is vaxed and not caught COVID. And I think you have to be super careful where you pull data from on the cases of people in the US that are vaccinated and have COVID. I only trust a couple sources. In Fauci We Trust. lol. I don't doubt there are breakthrough infections, but people unvaxed are far and away the people getting it now. Omicron has made it easier to catch, but the symptoms a little less devastating than Delta or even the original strain. I think that the reason you see the occasional breakthrough case is because of a new variant. And until everyone gets vaccinated, you will see new variants until we reach herd immunity. Viruses love to mutate so that's nothing new. I bet there will be an Omicron specific booster soon.

I'm glad that in the UK most people you know are getting vaccinated because over here we still have way too many people who are unvaxed, most of them due to ignorance. It doesn't help I live in Rednecksville, USA - because it sure seems like the people around me that aren't family are all unvaxed and maskless and proud to double down on stupid.

I'd be curious to know if those people you know who got COVID got a mRNA vaccine and if they had a full set. I think the people who have received Moderna or Pfizer and at least 2 if not 3 are very unlikely to get COVID. I know a lot of vaccinated people and none of them have had COVID since getting the shot. I've known so many unvaccinated that have got COVID. I think the mRNA technology being able to catch not only the original strain but other slight variations on the SARS-CoV-2 theme make it far better against these variants than the old school single dose shot that takes the exact way the original strain looks and only offers protection against that. The mRNA vaccines are "smart".

And I know of 6 unvaccinated people personally by name that are either acquaintances, friends, or distant family who have *died* of COVID since the vaccines have been available. Every single one was unvaccinated. One of whom said there was no way he was getting that damn shot that changes your DNA. He got COVID, went on a vent, and died. Have it your way then, bud. It's so unfortunate and selfish. He left behind a widow and children. Simply because he was too deep in the well of right wing conspiracy. And I do know of one other that died of COVID, but she died before the vaccines were available so that's very unfortunate. When you tell someone you know of 7 people who've died of COVID the non-believers will say "BS!" or "sure buddy, nice story" or "I'll take things that never happened for 100, Alex". They just can't believe it. They are so brainwashed.