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Thread: Corona Virus

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    LT I too am so glad your neice is improved again. I hear you about the side effects and the awful experiences that some people have had with this illness and it appears there are no criteria as to whether one will experience a mild, moderate or severe dose.

    Soda, I'm glad Kingwood isn't too badly effected. I have worried about your parents when I hear the stats coming out of Texas so Thank God they are well. I hope you get on well with the doctor tomorrow.

    Ireland still holding steady. Hopefully we will continue to.

    Everyone please stay safe. Wear masks, keep your physical distance and stay at home as much as possible
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    We had a case in our building last week. She had been off of work for a while and she was tested positive. The sad thing is they weren't going to tell us. We heard it through the grapevine. Everybody downstairs took off for the rest of the week and we stayed. Everybody downstairs and the lady (who had covid19) will be back tomorrow. Its scary because they come upstairs to use our bathrooms (I still don't understand that since they have their own) and use our breakroom. But thank goodness there wasn't an outbreak in our building.

    The offenders coming back into our building yesterday and I'm more afraid of them bringing it in than the people downstairs. They are wearing mask as they entered the building and I have one of my doors closed.

    Its going to be a long one week before I start my new job. I should had told them the 1st then the 15th.

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