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Thread: Corona Virus

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    Default Re: Corona Virus

    Hang in there everyone and stay safe during the holidays. This holiday season is definitely going to suck for me and probably many of you as well. But, I'd rather it be a sucky holiday season than the last holiday season for me or one of my loved ones. Although the immediate future is bleak, I do think we have a glimmer of hope for next year.

    Virtual to all my fellow Borderers.

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    Default Re: Corona Virus

    I hope all you americans find a way to enjoy Thanksgiving safely. But meanwhile, perhaps it's time to start looking forward to gatherings next year.

    There's more good news on the vaccine front. I will admit that when I saw the headlines this morning, I was disappointed. After reports of 94.5% and 95% efficacy for the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, 70% for the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine wasn't what I was hoping for. It's fairly obvious which one is going to be offered here in the UK and I feel a bit like a second class citizen. However, the positive news about how it is comparatively easy to manufacture and distribute makes me feel better. I'd rather have 70% effective in March than have to wait until late 2021 for 95% and the quicker we are all vaccinated, the quicker we will reach herd immunity. A lot of emphasis is being put on how the low price and less difficult storage requirements mean that it will be easier for developing countries to use.

    I offer my thanks to the scientists who have been working so hard to get us out of the current situation.
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