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The death count has now reached 300 in the United States per CNN. It's very scary and something I never thought I'd see happen in my lifetime.

It showed a massive unpreparedness on the part of the US government and a lack of responsibility of some out there. There's been pictures floating around of different beaches and the young kids were still doing spring break standing right next to one another. It's just sad. I'm normally about as "anti-boomer" as one gets, but that was just dumb on the part of the younger adults/teens and was not at all smart to do.

I'm just thankful it isn't Ebola virus/hemorrhagic fever. I dread to think of what the death count would be up to then as Ebola is even more untreatable and most don't survive it. It's something we need to be super careful about. But I never thought I'd see a pandemic with mandatory quarantine in my lifetime. I was wrong, obviously. I've actually watched movies that are a little too close to reality right now for my liking.
I agree, Austin. I never thought in a million years something like this would happen. All my life when I hear deadly diseases popping up and killing people in other parts of the world, I pray it would never come this way. It came very close with Ebola, but thank goodness it didn't spread. We will get through this. Its going to be a long couple of months. I don't see this ending anytime soon.

As for those younger adults in Florida on the beach and just didn't care. I really hope none of them are from my state. Somebody from that group might have it.