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Ha ha! Red Baron pizza, I have 2 in my freezer Walshfan88!. I've been playing more guitar as well, and dusted off an old Mel Bays book i write songs in back in the day and revisited that. Last week we had appliances delivered, I was worried that wouldn't happen, but it went smoothly. Juggling work and Trying to keep kids busy, had them write an old school fan letter to a star they like, ha ha, Also writing letters to friends, gives them something to do instead of computers/phone all the time weather has been a lil cruddy, yet yesterday was nice and went for a hike.

Hi Copper!
You've got me thinking, I have a book on learning how to read music that I might dust off. I can sight sing, but playing an instrument??? Fugiddabotit!!
I tried to take a guitar class in college. But my brain has a really hard time when numbers & letters are mixed together. To say the least, I was lousy at math in high school, especially algebra. My math scores on the SATs kept me out of the University of California system. I was still a good student, though. I graduated mid term from high school in 1974, moved into my own apartment and thought about moving to L.A. and hang around the Troubadour,& Whiskey A-Go Go and either be a groupie or find a rock star to marry.

Fortunately ( or maybe unfortunately) , fear prevented me from taking that leap, and I met my first husband, (which turned out to be the unfortunate part--we divorced 10 years later) who was ..you guessed it-- a musician!
I didn't go to college until I was almost in my 50's. I graduated in 2012.
So my point is, learing to read music might be something to do besides watching TV, sewing masks and watch my Kevin (who looks kinda like Jackson Browne, by the way
) dink around the house. Kevin has been furloughed from his job as a baker at Panera Bread.