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Thread: Hello Ladies and Germs!

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    Default Hello Ladies and Germs!

    Longtime deliberate-ignoring of the band due to constant radio airplay and irritated by the Szymczyk severely gated sound...but after watching the History Of on Netflix, I became completely interested and found that - hey, their stuff isn't so bad! Have had the solo works Beast, Innocence, Nighter and Aloud for over 20 years and enjoyed them, so why not enjoy the band's stuff? Seem to be really interesting folks individually also.

    Picked up all their albums on CD making sure they were before the 1999 remastering campaign to assure it was the closest reproduction of how they were meant to be heard...and I'm really enjoying them.

    At any rate, I look forward to reading much of the material here and learning more about the group and hopefully being suggested things of theirs I haven't heard or known of before.

    Rock on, folks! - R.G

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    Default Re: Hello Ladies and Germs!

    Welcome, RG. I must ask what you mean by the "severely gated" Szymczyk sound. I'm a musician and know what gating/noise gates mean but I just don't hear it and maybe I'm unfamiliar with the type.

    I much prefer Bill over Glyn Johns, but that could be the fact I just don't like the early Eagles music or lineups as much as I do the later lineups and music with Joe Walsh onboard for HC, TLR, etc or at least the more rockin' stuff they started doing with Don Felder and Bill starting with OTB, OOTN, etc. I'm not a fan of the first two Eagles records music-wise, as a guy who likes classic rock and pop and not classic country.

    I shouldn't put all of that on Glyn, it's mostly just a disagreement on that "the Eagles couldn't rock". I love his work with the Rolling Stones and others. I just don't care for the early Eagles. He's a fine producer.
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    Default Re: Hello Ladies and Germs!

    Iím hoping it wasnít a typo that was supposed to read ďdatedĒ. Iím a big Bill Szymczyk fan. He has produced many a fine album. Heís a master at editing and splicing, an art form, especially what he accomplished with no digital means like today. You might want to explore his lengthy list of creds.

    either way welcome to the border. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Hello Ladies and Germs!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here on The Border.

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    Default Re: Hello Ladies and Germs!

    I'm a little late, but welcome!

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Hello Ladies and Germs!

    Welcome RG! Hope you enjoy it here!
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