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Thread: Ian Holm from Lord of the Rings

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    Default Ian Holm from Lord of the Rings

    Sad to find Ian Holm has died although at least he reached 88, which was a good innings. He was a fantastic Bilbo.


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    Default Re: Ian Holm from Lord of the Rings

    And a very wicked Ash from Alien!

    Rest in peace, dear sir.

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    Default Re: Ian Holm from Lord of the Rings

    I always remembered him as evil android Ash. I do remembered him from The Fifth Element too. He wasn't bad in that movie. LOL

    RIP to Ian

    Brothers for life. RIP Glenn

    I'm not sure I believe in fate, but I know that crossing paths with Glenn Lewis Frey in 1970 changed my life forever, and it eventually had an impact on the lives of millions of other people all over the planet. It will be very strange going forward in a world without him in it. But, I will be grateful, every day, that he was in my life. Rest in peace, my brother. You did what you set out to do, and then some." -Don Henley

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