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Thread: RIP Kelly Preston

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    Default RIP Kelly Preston

    I just saw this on Facebook.

    Actress Kelly Preston died yesterday after 2 years battling breast cancer. She was only 57. She was the wife of John Travolta.

    She was in movies like What a Girl Wants, Jerry Maguire, Twins, and The Experts (where she met John).

    RIP Kelly.

    Brothers for life. RIP Glenn

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    Default Re: RIP Kelly Preston

    I saw this this morning and I'm so shocked! She definitely kept her condition quiet... I had no idea.

    Rest in peace, Kelly.

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    Default Re: RIP Kelly Preston

    Oh My Gosh - I am really shocked. It did not hear this. First his son now his wife. How heartbreaking. My thoughts are with John and his family. May she rest in peace.

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    Default Re: RIP Kelly Preston

    This is so sad. RIP Kelly.

    To have been married for 29 years is pretty remarkable in the celebrity world. Good for them.
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    Default Re: RIP Kelly Preston

    Like many, I was also stunned when I saw that Kelly had died. She apparently did no want this public during her long battle. John put out a very moving statement and it sounds like he is heartbroken. My heart goes out to John and their children and all of Kelly's family and loved ones.

    I'm glad they had such a happy marriage for almost 30 years and that John and his kids will have many fond memories to reflect back on in the years to come.

    R.I.P. Kelly

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    Default Re: RIP Kelly Preston

    Shocking. People are getting cancer younger and younger these days.



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    Default Re: RIP Kelly Preston

    I was shocked to hear this...I loved the movie What A Girl Wants when I was in high school. Way too many celebrity deaths these days.

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