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Thread: Happy Halloween from Joe Walsh (circa 1987)

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    Default Happy Halloween from Joe Walsh (circa 1987)

    I'm sure everyone's already seen this clip of Joe on Arsenio Hall's show back in 1987, but I think it's worth reposting for two reasons. 1) It is Halloween weekend, and everyone in Joe's band is playing in costume! And 2) Like Joe says at the end of the video, "Register and vote, please!"

    Good stuff. Happy Halloween everybody!

    "City streets don't have much pity,
    When you're down, that's where you'll stay..."
    -Joe Walsh

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    Default Re: Happy Halloween from Joe Walsh (circa 1987)

    Great video! Love seeing the guys in costume.

    Also amusing is Joe, at the end after it's obvious Arsenio is clueless about the James Gang.... "Aren't you from Cleveland?" Arsenio: "Yes, I am." The look on Joe's face. lol

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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    Default Re: Happy Halloween from Joe Walsh (circa 1987)

    Ya. This is a much clearer version then the one I seen thanks so much Rambo. Its so irritating the way Arsenio dismissed James Gang and then he's surprised when Joe gave it back. I mean come on. Joe looks great, so much fun thanks!

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    Default Re: Happy Halloween from Joe Walsh (circa 1987)

    What's funny is that's Joe's normal dress back then. LOL He does get the best facial expressions. It just shows you host should learn more about their guest, especially if it's Joe, you never know what he might do. LOL
    You can sure see him starting to go down, it's surprising he could still play as long as he did.

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