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Thread: Eagles Collections

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    Default Eagles Collections

    Back when I had my Eagles stuff collection, I had every CD, a couple of the VHS, and several articles. I know it's not much compared to a bunch of the people here, but I guess it wasn't bad for a 90's teen, lol. How about y'all? What do your collections look like?

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    Default Re: Eagles Collections

    Where to start.......

    Honestly I don't mean to brag..... but you asked.....

    Every album on both Vinyl and CD.
    Legacy ninyl box set,
    All of Glenn 's albums on both vinyl and cd.

    All released concerts on DVD (and also a few unreleased ones!!)
    Various magazines over the years featuring the group or individual group members.
    Songbooks with guitar chords for most of the albums (Those that its available for) for the Band and Glenn 's solo work.

    T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, scarves, lanyards and various memorabilia given out at VIP concerts.

    Signed Eagles Takamine guitar and also Glenn Frey signature Takamine guitar, also band member guitar picks.

    And the piece de resistance.

    From the Liverpool concert in 2014, Scott crago gave me a set of drumsticks and Glenn gave me a set of guitar picks.
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    Default Re: Eagles Collections

    Back when I was building the sites, I tried to collect just about everything I could that I thought would be useful.

    I got all the albums, CDs, and DVDs, and the stuff that wasn't on those - like special versions of songs (single edits, non-album B-sides, songtrack songs) or material that was never put onto DVD and only released on VHS- I scoured ebay for. That includes the few unreleased stuff that was out there. Now you can find several of those rarities on YouTube (although the Eagles are diligent about taking a great deal of them down); also, some of them have been released by the Eagles as part of their special editions. Back then, they were hard to find, though.

    I also amassed a huge bootleg collection, but I no longer trade.

    I collected all the songbooks and tourbooks I could find.

    I'm not much of a photo collector, but I if didn't have photos of a certain era - say live 1972 - and I saw some on ebay, I would nab them.

    I collected vintage magazines and bought new ones as they came out.

    For Glenn, I would buy fun stuff like press releases. I couldn't afford to do that for the other Eagles, lol.

    I didn't collect autographs, but if the opportunity arose to meet an Eagles and get an autograph personally or a photo with them, I paid the cash to do so (or, in the case of Glenn, followed him around Pebble Beach). I got a few other collectibles that way as well.

    I collect T-shirts and mugs from every tour I personally attend. I used to collect the tickets from my shows but now they're all virtual. Since I became a fan, I have attended over 50 Eagles-related shows (counting solo shows). It appears it's pretty much come to an end, but who knows, I might still go to a solo show here or there.

    If I could grab the setlists from the stage, I collected those.

    Sometimes kind folks give me lovely collectibles, such as calendars, posters, pictures, paintings, Eagles-related jewelry, and many other things out of the kindness of their hearts. I treasure and often display these as well.

    I *think* that about covers it...

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    Default Re: Eagles Collections

    Here is a link to an old thread that is similar to this one ...

    Rather than rewrite everything, there are pictures and explanations of some of my most of my most prized collection on pages 4 & 5 of the old thread for those that may be interested. Unfortunately, the pictures now all have a Photobucket watermark on them, but you can still see most of them.

    I have added to the collection since then - the most treasured being the items that Glenn gave Soda, PLS, and I in Niagara Falls in 2007. I also have my Hell Freezes Over CD that Timothy signed for me at a Santa Monica, CA charity event in 2016 ...

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    Default Re: Eagles Collections

    anyone else collect 35mm shots of the guys i am trying to build my collection, so far i have about 9 hoping to get up to 100 hopefully? anyone else collect 35mm slides

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    Default Re: Eagles Collections

    Quote Originally Posted by edwardd19 View Post
    anyone else collect 35mm shots of the guys i am trying to build my collection, so far i have about 9 hoping to get up to 100 hopefully? anyone else collect 35mm slides
    I seem to be amassing slides as well. Not sure why.

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