Hi! My name is Natalie and the reason I say that Iím new but not new is that I subscribed to the L & Mís Eagles Fastlane newsletter back in the 90ís when I first got the Internet and thanks to them, had a nice little collection of mostly Glenn Frey stuff on video tape. I have cerebral palsy and in a roundabout way, Glenn once kept me out of the hospital for a repeat leg operation because my mobility was being tested and the instructions said to bring my favorite music with me, preferably a cassette and so I brought Solo Collection with me and to my surprise the one girl that was filming me said ďwell itís funny that you brought that because I have these,Ē and she had The Allnighter and Strange Weather with her which thrilled me because I hadnít heard all of Strange Weather yet and I ended up not having to have the operation done because of how music literally moves me. Glenn has always been helpful as well as Eagles music in general. I play a little guitar because itís good therapy for my hands and while I had to relearn to play and accept the limitations of my disability itís kind of amazing that after so many years of trying and almost losing my ability to play guitar AT ALL back in January because of possible nerve damage or just the Cerebral Palsy in general, that the only little guitar riffs and tricks that are Eagles songs from the songbook Eagles Complete volume two that I bought in 1998. Mostly I can play the voice parts but when youíre told that you probably never will play guitar and you still donít give up, you take what you can get!!

Anyway, Iím excited to have found this message board and to have actually joined it!