To quote country singer Alan Jackson: Where were you when the world stopped turning?

Hard to believe it's been twenty years since four planes were hijacked on a Tuesday morning and the country was in shock. For my borderers, I'd like to hear what you were doing when the towers collapsed, the Pentagon was hit, and when the plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

Me? I was twenty and about three months pregnant with the second kid and asleep while the ex-husband was getting ready for work. It was six a.m. and he had the tv on. Suddenly I felt him smack me on the leg and heard him say "wake up, a plane crashed into the world trade center" I sat up and saw that the news was talking about the pentagon. I looked at him and said "wrong, the plane crashed into the pentagon not the trade center. They're not even in the same city!" And as I said that last line, I heard the newscaster report mention both crashes. Then both of us sat motionless and watched in horror the live footage of the south tower of the world trade center collapsing. It's a day I will definitely never forget.