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Thread: Silly Internet Hoax

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    Default Silly Internet Hoax

    On our way home from grocery shopping yesterday, a local radio station was playing a lot of Don's songs. No explanation. So, I looked it up on the internet and sure enough, there was a "death hoax" on Facebook that Don Henley had passed away on June 1st! It was a FB page titled "RIP Don Henley".
    It's stupid and so upsetting!
    But I did enjoy all the songs playing.

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    Default Re: Silly Internet Hoax

    Those are so common now.

    Even when Glenn had passed away, I waited until I saw at least 3 news sources before I actually faced the fact that he had died. I was so hoping it was a mean, fake hoax. I remember when Tom Petty died, several outlets had posted he had died when he was still alive at that point according to family, but he did pass a few hours later. I posted that he passed when the news first came out and it wasn't true yet, and I felt terrible. Almost like it jinxed it or something stupid, but I felt like having that come out may have changed things in some weird way. I'm not a religious person or a person who believes in the supernatural or conspiracies or anything like that, and I full well know correlation doesn't equal causation, but I guess I do feel like things can be jinxed and I certainly believe in karma and the ability for things you do or say to come back and bite you right in the hind end. Superstitions or ESP I guess I believe in to some extent. Coincidences are often just that but sometimes it does make you wonder about things that follow events.

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    Default Re: Silly Internet Hoax

    Absolutely disgusting. Why do people do stuff like this???

    Always in our hearts, Never forgotten

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